shoutout 2 joe croutoncat 4 bein a cutie & a really really good friend ily

hiya guys ik im annoying and all aby promo stuff but it’d mean a lot if u followed my other blog and possibly promoted it (u dont have too :-) )
its not just mac demarco, I promise. if u scroll down its just a general idea of what I reblog. there’s some gore, some nsfw etc and i tag those for you :-) if u want me to tag something shoot an ask and I’ll gladly do so!

like can u imagine theres 3,000 fucking people in a room and no one is talking. thats more then the amount of ppl in my school. r u kidding mE.

I love how I have 3,300 followers but no one talks to me lmao

I wish I could show u guys my new panties they r hipster panties but they’re a cute navy blue I love them sodoosos much


I’m just trying to get lunch, not have an existential crisis.


people who try to befriend artists for free art






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Why does Meet The Robinsons get no love?

It has singing frogs

And time travel

And a man is married to a hand puppet

And a tyrannosaurus rex randomly shows up halfway through but is unable to do anything because the people he was chasing run into a corner and he has little arms

And the villan is a hat

I legitimately do not understand what’s not to love about this movie

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