/Jim Carrey saying loser in pet detective

sighs really loud



sometimes i sit in silence and think about how alone i am. and u tell me ur alone too. and i miss how u used to talk to me. and i wish you were happy, i wish i was happy too. i hate being so alone. i wish u were here. even if u dont like me in that way, we could have so much fun together and get our mind off it. I miss the way you used to speak to me and you made me feel so special and i hope you find someone who completes you because i know i cant and even though it makes me sad i just want you to be happy.

i hope no ones power goes out due to the solar flares coming like that’s the scariest thing evr


you only care about yourself”


i also care about cute girls

cute boy tht sits in front of me in math called me beautiful thts COOL


People who can keep their cool when being told off or made fun of are not to be messed with

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pls follow my other blog ill kiss u